Board Members

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Mandate of the ICT Board
The Kenyatta University ICT Board mandate is to:
• Advising the university on all relevant matters pertaining to the development and promotion of ICT in the university.
• Coordinating, directing and implementing anchor ICT projects within the university

Members of the ICT Board

Name: Prof. Andanje Mwisukha
Title:Ag. Registrar.
Name: Dr. D.M. Muindi
Title: Registrar (Administration)
Position: Chairman
Name: Prof. Vincent Onywera
Title: Registrar  (R,I&O)
Name: Dr. G. Njoroge
Title: Chief University
Name:Dr. David Nzuki
Name: Mr. Anthony Mbaabu
Title: Director, ICT
 Name: Prof. J. Kungu
Title: Dean, School of
Environmental Sciences
Name: Dr. R. Njuguna
Name: Mr. Harrison Njoroge
Title: Chairman Department of Computing and Information
Network and Infrastructure Manager
Name: M/s C. Githae
Title: Administrator ICT
 Name:Dr. G. King’ara
Title: Ag. Director , KU Television & Radio Services