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Kenya Education Network (KENET)

Kenya Education Network (KENET) is a National Research and Education Network that promotes the use of ICT in Teaching, Learning and Research in Higher Education Institutions in Kenya. KENET aims to interconnect all the Universities, Tertiary and Research Institutions in Kenya by setting up a cost effective and sustainable private network with high speed access to the global Internet. KENET also facilitates electronic communication among students and faculties in member institutions, share learning and teaching resources by collaboration in Research and Development of Educational content.


Kenyatta University Cisco Networking Academy was established in 2008 and has trained 8500 students to date. KU Cisco academy is part of the CISCO global education initiative from Cisco Systems. We have accreditation in teaching networking programs that is CCNA, Cyber Security, HIN and PC Hardware & Software maintenance courses as well as prepare students for their certification exams including CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).
We provide necessary training so as to improve career and educational opportunities for individuals in our community by targeting youth and professionals who are seeking to join or advance further in the world of computer networking. We have in the past in collaboration with the ICT Directorate successfully held training for the directorate’s staff with the aim of improving their skills. We deliver a comprehensive learning experience that helps our students develop the needed foundation skills to design, build and manage networks.


Kenyatta University has collaborated with IBM Group of Companies to advance the higher education system in line with the Kenya’s objectives and strategies. The collaboration entails implementation of IBM “MEA University” which is a new Academic Professional Technical Certification Program for Universities in the areas of the latest emerging technologies. The aim of this initiative is to better align university curricula with the IT industry needs and trends. The program covers several Certification Tracks that prepare the students for IT industry jobs. It helps them prepare for a career in the IT industry, build local capability to international standards in new area and provide an environment for continuous technical update.
IBM has trained faculty members to enable them train students who are seeking to acquire IT skills such as Business Analytics, Information Management System & Big Data, Integrated Security, Mobile Devices Management, Cloud Computing, Business Process Management, Web 2.0 Application Development and Integrated Systems. IBM has implemented an Educational Private Cloud Infrastructure at Kenyatta University. This Cloud environment provides 24/7 free access to learning materials and lab sessions for students at the University. The training for the first track of the “MEA University” started in November 2014.