ICT Systems Development and Automation

July 17, 2019 2296 0 3

This department handles Systems Development and Administration functions such as:

  1. Systems Development and Administration
  2. This section develops systems based on requests and requirement from various University departments. Some of the systems developed are stated below:
    • Gown Management System
    • Transport Booking System
    • Gym Membership System
    • Students/Lecturer online Evaluation system
    • Boardroom Reservation Systems
    • Admission Letters and Joining Instructions System.
  3. This section is responsible for user administration (setup and maintaining account), user assessment, user requirements gathering, systems maintenance, monitoring system performance, creating system files, software installation, upgrade, acceptance testing, reporting etc
  4. Setting up security policies for users, password and identity management, creation of new users, resetting of passwords and lock/unlock user accounts.
  5. The section is responsible for the issuance of Students Smart  card ID’s.


Training was conducted to Heads of sections and Administrators on how to request for transport and how to approve requests using the online transport booking system in preparation for the full roll out of the system.