Our Goals & Values

June 4, 2018 1185 0 5

  1. Enhance fast response to user computer needs through expansion and enhancement of the use of ICT Support Online Services System
  2. Increase the number of computers available to students and staff. Increase staff/student computer ratio to recommended standards and regular maintenance of working computer equipment
  3. Promote use of University corporate email by Ensuring all staff and students use the K.U. corporate Email for official communication
  4. ICT staff development through staff training and employment
  5. Development of systems in order to improve service delivery and generate revenue by identifying manual processes and gather requirements to develop systems in-house
  6. Income generation/Intellectual property rights from patenting and selling in-house developed systems.
  7. Automation of major University processes to enhance efficiency through acquisition of appropriate systems
  8. CampusVue System automation: Bank- API integration and online students’ registration, automation of student class attendance, online course application system for prospective students and integration of CampusVue system with other platforms
  9. Expand and Enhance University network access and stability by increasing Eduroam wireless network coverage, the area of fixed network coverage and bandwidth to match requirements, and implement redundancy in the network backbone for a more stable network
  10. Enhance University unified communication: Upgrade unified communication system to current version (telephony/voice and video communication system) and install security communication system
  11. Enhance University security monitoring through Installation of additional CCTV monitoring system in the current infrastructure as well as installation of additional Biometric attendance and access control system
  12. Data center infrastructure upgrade – Setup Tier II Primary and Disaster Recovery Data center and increase computing and storage capacity
  13. Apply ICT in fostering effective Teaching, Learning, Research, Innovation and service to humanity by Supporting e-Learning and Library & Information Systems and acquisition of ICT applications and audio-visual facilities to enhance teaching, research, innovation and service to humanity