Students’ Computer Laboratories

All Kenyatta University students can use the labs when no class is scheduled. Download Pdf file on the student computer laboratories  locations  September Main,Satellite Campus Training Schedule  

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Provision of Broadband & Internet

The Directorate facilitates acquiring of bandwidth, laying of fiber, structured cabling and installation of access points across the University. We are actively involved in network design, ...

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Purchasing & Acquisition

The Directorate facilitates the university to acquire computers, printers, scanners, projectors software and all other ICT equipment for use by students and staff. All these equipment and ...

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SmartCard Services

The Directorate issues smart card to all students and staff in the University. Smart cards are used to access the University, borrow books from the library, purchase food in restaurants and food ...

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The Directorate is involved in training of students on online ICT Support Help Desk system, Students online services, Google apps for education, KU corporate email services and CampusVue ERP ...

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