Board Members

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Mandate of the ICT Board
The Kenyatta University ICT Board mandate is to:
• Advising the university on all relevant matters pertaining to the development and promotion of ICT in the university.
• Coordinating, directing and implementing anchor ICT projects within the university

Members of the ICT Board

1. Dr. Paul Gachanja – ICT Board Chairman
Registrar (Admin & Finance)
2.  Mr. Anthony Mbaabu – Member
Director ICT
3. Prof. Simon Onywere – Member
School of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences
4. Prof. Maina Mwangi – Member
Director, Innovation, Incubation and University Industry Linkages
5. Dr. Gitau Njoroge – Member
Chief University Librarian
6. Dr. Eric Masika – Member
Deputy Director, Student Affairs
7. Dr. Reuben Njuguna – Member
School of Business, Economics and Tourism
8. Dr. Elizaphan Muuro Maina – Member
Coordinator ICT Professional Training Certification Centre
9. Mrs. Iwona Odongo – Member
Coordinator, Admissions
10. Ms. Sofie Muthoni – Member
Head System Development and Automation
11. Ms. Caroline Githae Secretary
Administrator, Directorate of ICT